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Previous conferences and workshops

GCGD sponsored the workshop “Militarism and Security: possibilities, dialogue and limits”, March 23-24, 2017 at the University of Gothenburg

GCGD sponsored the 16th Nordic Conference of Development Economics, NCDE2017, June 12-13, 2017 at University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics, and Law

The first conference was held on October 29-30, 2009 at the School of Global Studies. It was a launching conference with an opening address by the Vice Chancellor of our university, Professor Pam Fredman. Five members of the International Advisory Board of the Centre participated together with two other distinguished researchers. Seven lectures were held followed by dicussions with an audience of about 100.

See conference programme, October 29-30, 2009:

Conference Programme

There was also a side event before the conference organized by PhD students and post-doc researchers. It was a seminar with short presentations of ongoing research and informal discussions about opportunities for research collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.


"AIDS, Civil Society, Aid and Poverty"

Conference organized by School of Global Studies (SGS) in cooperation with GCGD and DevNet, Uppsala.

Date: April 27, 2010
Location: School of Global Studies

Keynote speakers:
Professor TIM ALLEN, London School of Economics, Development Studies Institute:
"HIV/AIDS policies in Africa: What works and what doesn't?"

Professor FRANCISCO INÁCIO BASTOS, Fiocruz – Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro:
"All that is solid melts into air: The management and care of people living with HIV/AIDS in a period of permanent change"

Panel discussion with Tim Allen, Francisco Inácio Bastos, and AIDS researchers from University of Gothenburg.

Contact person: Maj-Lis Follér, School of Global Studies


"Studying the Agency of Being Governed"

Workshop organized by School of Global Studies (SGS) under the auspices of GCGD.

Date: May 19-20, 2010
Location: School of Global Studies

Contact persons: Stina Hansson and Sofie Hellberg, School of Global Studies


"Selling Security: Exploring the Roles of Commercial Actors as Security Experts"

Workshop organized by School of Global Studies (SGS) under the auspices of GCGD.

Date: June 10-11, 2010
Location: Ågrenska Villan, Högåsplatsen

This workshop gathered international experts on private security as well as junior researchers and PhD students to discuss different ways in which the global privatization of security can be approached theoretically, and empirically understood.

Participating experts:
Dr. PAUL HIGATE, University of Bristol, UK
Dr. RITA ABRAHAMSEN, University of Ottawa, Canada
Professor MICHAEL C. WILLIAMS, University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr. CHRIS KINSEY, King's College, London, UK
Professor ANNA LEANDER, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Contact persons: Maria Stern and Joakim Berndtsson, School of Global Studies.


The 6th EuroSEAS Conference (European Association for South-East Asian Studies)

This conference was organized by the School of Global Studies with some financial support from GCGD.

Date: August 26-28, 2010
Location: School of Global Studies

Keynote speaker:
Professor TANIA MURRAY LI, University of Toronto, Canada:
"What happens when the land is needed but the people are not?: Challenging transitions in Southeast Asia"


How to study transnational social movements: A networking workshop for social movement research

Workshop organized by GCGD in cooperation with Centre for Social Movement Research, University of Gothenburg.

Date: September 28-29, 2011
Location: Department of Sociology

Keynote speakers:
DONATELLA DELLA PORTA, European University Institute:
"How to study transnational social movements: A pluralist methodological perspective"

GEOFFREY PLEYERS, University of Louvain:
"Alter-Globalization and Global Movements: A Tourainian perspective"

Contact person: Håkan Thörn, Dept of Sociology.


GCGD Conference during Global Week 2011:

Rethinking Interventions and Governance

Date: November 22-23, 2011
Location: School of Business, Economics and Law (mainly)

Keynote speakers:
PAUL COLLIER, Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford, author of The Bottom Billion, Oxford University Press:
"External Intervention: What is legitimate, and what is effective?"
Download speech (film)

ANNE ORFORD, Director of the Institute of International Law and the Humanities at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne:
“International Interventions and Governance”
Download speech (film)

OLIVER RICHMOND, Professor at School of International Relations, University of St Andrews:
“Failed State Building versus Peace Formation”

CRISTINA ROJAS, Professor at Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University
“De-Colonizing Global Narratives of Governance”

Contact person: Arne Bigsten.

Nordic Conference in Development Economics

Date: June 18-19, 2012
Location: School of Business Economics and Law, Vasagatan 1.

This conference was organized by the Department of Economics in Gothenburg in collaboration with GCGD.  Researchers and PhD candidates working in Nordic as well as in other countries were invited to participate and to present papers on ongoing research within any sub-field of development economics.

Keynote speakers:
Professor CHRISTOPHER ADAM, University of Oxford,
Professor JAMES A. ROBINSON, Harvard University

Contact person: Arne Bigsten 

International Workshop: "Sex, Gender, Violence and Desire"
organized by Megan Daigle, GCGD and School of Global Studies

Date: June 6-7, 2014 
Location: School of Global Studies

How can we make sense of the relationships between sex, gender, violence and desire - especially in conflict and post-conflict settings? What lines of distinction are we drawing between sexual(ized) violence and other forms of violence that allow us to speak about wartime rape as a separate (and particularly heinous) form of violence? This GCGD-sponsored workshop will provide space for provocative thinking and creative discussion of these questions within the broadly defined field of global politics. The event will bring together experts in gender, security, and conflict from nine universities in four countries to address the dilemmas inherent in tackling such an urgent, politicized, and sensitive issue.

International Workshop: "Climate Change, Aid, and Adaptation in SIDS (Small Island Developing States)"
organized by Carola Betzold, GCGD and School of Global Studies

Date: June 12-13, 2014
Location: Ågrenska Villan, Högåsplatsen, Gothenburg

Short workshop report
Small island developing states (SIDS) have, over the past years, gained some prominence in the climate change debate. Climate change poses a fundamental, potentially even existential, challenge to SIDS, but it is far from the only challenge for SIDS. Beyond climate change, SIDS also struggle with issues like maritime and land pollution; high and fast-growing rates of urbanisation; globalisation and hence important changes in lifestyle; aid dependence and indebtedness. How does climate change interact with these other challenges? How do SIDS understand and respond to these multiple changes? What about differences in perceptions and responses according to actor, scale, history or geographical region? 

These were some of the questions that participants discussed at a recent workshop on climate change, aid and adaptation in SIDS, organised by the Gothenburg Centre for Globalisation and Development (GCGD). The workshop brought together a small, but very dynamic group of researchers from across the Scandinavian countries and beyond. Participants reflected the broad relevance and interdisciplinarity of island studies, and thus represented diverse research interests, ranging from questions of statehood and sovereignty to climate finance; diverse geographical expertise, ranging from the Isle of Man to Ontong Java (Solomon Islands); and disciplinary backgrounds, ranging from political theory to human geography and international relations. Such diversity was key to the lively discussions of the 1.5 workshop days. Not only could everyone learn from the other participants’ experience and expertise; participants also noticed the common questions and joint research interests across disciplinary boundaries. Together, participants thus brainstormed potential areas for future research collaboration and identified possibilities of cooperating and extending the newly built network. 

Can Agroforestry Address Food Security Concerns under a Changing Climate?
organized by the "Forests, Landscapes and Food Security Theme"; a collaboration between SIANI and Focali in collaboration with GCGD-Centre of Globalization and Development, University of Gothenburg.

Date: November 11-12, 2014
Location: Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading scholar-practitioners from five parts of the world, Sweden, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Ecuador, to share knowledge of and aspirations for agroforestry systems.

A number of well-established and highly productive agroforestry systems have been documented around the world, and yet they are rarely in the spotlight when questions of food security arise.

Climate change presents a number of challenges, particularly to the large scale, commercial farming systems that developed in the twentieth century. Changing temperatures and water regimes are generating new pest problems in mono-culture crop systems, while crops are also increasingly becoming pesticide and herbicide resistant.

As a result, there is a renewed scientific and policy interest in agroforestry systems that rely on diversity and mixed cropping patterns for their productivity. This workshop will probe the possibilities for scaling up agroforestry systems to address the food security needs of the twenty-first century. 

Further information including program

International Workshop: "Methods and Methodologies for Researching Globalization and Development"
organized by Carola Betzold and Megan Daigle, School of Global Studies, and Jochen Kleres, Sociology and Work Science.

Date: May 28-29, 2015
Location: Ågrenska Villan, Gothenburg

The Gothenburg Centre for Globalization and Development hosted an international and interdisciplinary workshop on methodologies for researching the global sphere. This workshop brought together noted scholars to discuss novel methodologies for empirical research into globalization and development to discuss topics as: How (and why) do we go about tackling our research in the way(s) that we do as scholars of global issues? What do our methods and methodologies bring to the table that others cannot? What practical and ethical problems arise from researching the global sphere? How can we make room for collaborative research across methodologies and disciplines? The workshop centred on four main themes, with scholars from a variety of disciplines addressing each, in order to help us explore the research methods and methodological choices that face each of us as economists, political scientists, sociologists, international relations scholars, development specialists, activists. These themes were: climate change, international migration, social movements, and conflict. 

Workshop program


Program: Landscape management and design for food, bioenergy and the bioeconomy: 

When: March 15-16, 2016
Where: Chalmers University, Gothenburg

Workshop co-organized by the Focali-SIANI theme on Forests, Landscapes and Food Security in collaboration with a range of Swedish and International actors working with bioenergy, forest and agriculture landscapes and food security.



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