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Previous seminars and workshops

(S = seminar, W = workshop)


Tuesday January 31 2017, 14.15-15.30, School of Business, Economics and Law, Room F45

Dr Beniamin Knutsson, Dept of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies & Ass Prof Jonas Lindberg, Department of Economy and Society

Title: Post-political strategies and (re)articulations of ’the political’ in the new aid landscape: The case of Global Partnership for Education

At this seminar we will report findings from the research project "Reimagining ’the political’ in a post-political aid landscape”, funded by the Swedish Research Council. The focus of the presentation is a case study of the Global Partnership of Education (GPE). The GPE is a multi-stakeholder arrangement for global governance of aid to education that provides technical and financial assistance to 65 developing countries. The presentation feeds into recent scholarly debates about post-politics and it will bring attention to the dynamic interplay between depoliticization and dissensus in the GPE.




 Monday May 23 2016, 13.15-14.30, School of Business, Economics and Law, Room: F44

Professor Fredrik Söderbaum and PhD-student Therese Brolin Gothenburg University

Title: Funding regional cooperation and integration in Africa from the outside – what works and why?



Monday 14 March, 13:15-14:30, Room F45, GCGD
Lisa Roman, PhD, Sida – Stockholm
Title: Sustaining a development policy. On implementation of policy coherence for development

 Monday May 2 2016, 13.15-14.30, School of Business, Economics and Law, Room: D-32.

Ass Professors Gunnar Köhlin, Madelene Ostwald and Eskil Mattson, Gothenburg University

Title: In search of double dividends from climate change interventions: Evidence on forest conservation and household energy transitions


Monday May 9 2016, 13.15-15, School of Business, Economics and Law, Room: F-45.
Professor Marten Jerven, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Title: A world that counts? The promise and peril of ruling by numbers



Monday 30 november kl 14-16 Room C33, GCDG
Per Molander, former General director of the Swedish Social Insurance Inspection
Titel: ”The anatomy of inequality”

”All human societies have been marked by more or less pronounced inequalities. Various explanations have been put forward – differences in abilities or effort, violence etc. This seminar is devoted to a particular mechanism of instability, which can explain persistent or growing inequalities even under the assumption of individuals with identical abilities and preferences. Implications for redistribution policies will also be discussed.”

Monday 5 October 2015, 15.00-17.00, Spränkullsgatan 19, GU

Francis Fukuyama will give a talk "Governance and Development in the 21st Century?"


Friday October 2, 13.15-15.00, Vasagatan 1, School of Business, Economics, and Law, Room: F-45.

“Decentralization and Local Governance of Land in Africa – The implementation of Tanzania’s Village Land Act in the context of increasing pressure on land”

May 7, 13:15-14:15
Teppo Eskelinen, University of Eastern Finland:
"The Future of Development Aid"


February 19, 13:15-15:00
Professor Randi Kaarhus, University of Nordland, Norway:
"Women's Land Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa - experiences from Mozambique"

March 18, 14:15 - 15:30
Jan Scholte, GCGD and School of Global Studies:
"Towards more democratic global politics: A methodological reflection"

April 1, 14:15 - 15:30
Eoin McGuirk, GCGD and Dept of Economics:
"The political economy of direct dividend transfers in resource-rich countries: A theoretical consideration"

April 8, 14:15 - 15:30
Jochen Kleres, GCGD and Dept of Sociology and Work Science:
"Emotions and globalization. Towards a research agenda".

April 22, 14:15 - 15:30
Megan Daigle, GCGD and School of Global Studies:
"The body in law: Seeking justice for sexual violence in the Great Lakes Region of Africa"

April 29, 14:15 - 15:30
Carola Betzold, GCGD and School of Global Studies:
"Adapting to climate change in small island developing states"

May 6, 14:15 - 15:30
Håkan Thörn, GCGD and Dept of Sociology and Work Science:
"National consensus culture meets global climate justice: The cases of Denmark, Japan and Sweden"

May 13, 14:15 - 16:00
Maria Stern, GCGD and School of Global Studies:
"Studying the Agency of Being Governed" - new book edited by Stina Hansson, Sofie Hellberg with Maria Stern and including a contribution by Håkan Thörn

September 10, 10:00 - 16:00, LARRI
"Securing Forest and Community Land Rights - Challenges, Trends and Ways Forward"
(Detailed information - see LARRI webpage)

October 29, 13:15-14:15
"Preferential Trade Agreement, Market Access and Economic Development" with Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgboris, PhD candidate from Aarhus University, Denmark

November 11, 14:15-15:30
Carola Betzold, GCGD/School of Global Studies:
"Helping the Vulnerable? Aid for Adaptation to Climate Change
Across the Developing World"



January 15, 14:15-15:30
Joachim Åhman, GU-Dept of Law:
"The burden of proof in WTO dispute settlement"

January 23, 13:00-14:45
LARRI-event: Thematic research networking meeting: "Community Rights and Large-Scale Land Investments"

February 12, 14:15-15:30
Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Bergen:
"Tax and development: donor support to strengthen tax systems in developing countries"

February 14, 13:15-15:00
Liliana Riga, University of Edinburgh, UK:
"Putting cruelty first? Ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and US intervention in Bosnia"

February 28, 08:30-12:00
Seminars with applicants for postdoc positions:

Gaossau Diarra, Clermont-Ferrand, France: "International actors and the worldwide diffusion of the governance doctrine: The case of the World Bank"

Eoin McGuirk, Dublin: "Teacher absenteeism and the salience of local ethnic diversity: Evidence from African districts"

Felipe Starosta de Waldemar, Paris: "Product relatedness and firm exports in China"

Michele Valsecchi, Gothenburg: "Land property rights and international migration: Evidence from Mexico"

Giulina Piccolino, Pisa: "David against Goliath in Côte d'Ivoire? Laurent Gbagbo's war against global governance"

March 11, 08:30-12:00
Seminars with applicants for postdoc positions:

Megan Daigle, Toronto: "Love, sec, money, and meaning: Use of language to create identities and challenge categories in Cuba"

Stina Hansson, Gothenburg: "Dependence and freedom: Conditions of possibility for responsibility in Nigerian water services provision"

Janpeter Schilling, New York: "Raiding pastoral livelihoods: Motives and effects of violent conflict in north-western Kenya"

Martina Tazzioli, Milano: "Migration (in) crisis and 'people not of our concern'"

Karen Tucker, Bristol: "Participation and subjectivation in global governance: NGOs, acceptable subjectivities and the WTO"

March 13, 13:15-15:00
LARRI-event: Open seminar on "Large-Scale Land Investments: Curse or Development Opportunity?" with introductory presentation by Kenneth Hermele. Discussion participants: Matthew Fielding, Project Manager at SIANI and Stockholm Environment Institute and Jesper Karlsson, FAO.

March 20, 08.30-12:00
Seminars with applicants for postdoc positions:

Carola Betzold, Zurich: "Responsiveness or influence? Whom to lobby in international climate change negotiations"

Meike de Goede, Amsterdam: "Local agencies and state building: The hidden everyday of the co-opted local"

Jochen Kleres, Berlin: "Towards a political sociology of AIDS service organizations"

Magdalena Kucher, Linköping: "Unravelling the argument for bioenergy production in developing countries: A world-economy perspective"

Eskil Mattsson, Gothenburg: "REDD readiness implications for Sri Lanka in terms of reducing deforestation"

May 7, 14:15-15:30
Emma Mawdsley, University of Cambridge:
"Paradigm shift in global development: The 'rising powers' and 'traditional donors' in a post-aid world"

May 7-9
Workshop on "Health in Southern Africa"
with representatives from HEARD, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban and from University of Gothenburg (Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Unit of Social Medicine and GCGD).

May 10
Workshop on "The Men Question in Gender and Global Governance"

May 21, 14:15-16:00
Sylvia Chant, Professor in Development Geography, London School of Economics and Adlerbert Visiting Professor in Sustainable Development 2013 hosted by the Unit of Human Geography at the Department of Economics and Society (Institutionen för Ekonomi och Samhälle):
"The 'Feminisation of Poverty' as a Global Concept? Reflections from The Gambia, Philippines and Costa Rica"

September 10, 14:15-15:30
Anja Karlsson-Franck, GU-School of Global Studies:
"A geography of fear: Burmese labor migrants in urban Malaysia"
Discussant: Jochen Kleres, GCGD-Dept of Sociology and Work Science

September 18, 13:15-15:00
Stein Holden, University of Life Sciences, Aas, Norway:
Open LARRI-seminar on "Land Tenure Reforms in Asia and Africa"

October 2, 10:15-12:00
Guy Standing, SOAS - University of London:
"Work after globalization"

November 6, 15:15-17:00
Chris Dolan, Director of the Refugee Law Project at Makerere University, Uganda:
"From social to (global) policy construct: Redefining the essential in gender"

Tuesday November 12, 13:15-15:30
Global Week Seminar on the theme "Global Governance for Global Social Justice" with GCGD members

Wednesday November 20, 13:15-14:30
Staffan I. Lindberg, GU-Dept of Political Science and QoG Institute
"Varieties of democracy: Progress and prospects for the world's largest ever dataset on democracy"

Wednesday November 27, 15:15-17:00 
Authors: Maj-Lis Follér, Christoph Haug, Beniamin Knutsson and Håkan Thörn, University of Gothenburg:
"Who is responsible? Donor-civil society partnerships and the case of HIV/AIDS work"
Discussants: Arne Bigsten, GU-GCGD and representatives for CSOs in Southern Africa: John Gasana (Rwanda), Danilo da Silva (Mozambique), Debbie Mathew (South Africa)


January 24, 14:15-15:30
Report from a project with support from a GCGD Small Research Grant:
Robin Biddulph, Mikael Baaz and Mona Lilja:
"Gender, economics and law at the village gate: Addressing methodological and empirical controversies over women's land rights in Cambodia"

March 13, 14:15-15:30 (CANCELLED!)
Mats Fridlund, Theory of Science, GU:
"Affording terror: The materialities of terrorism during 19th century globalization"

March 20, 14:15-15:15
Thushyanthan Baskaran, University of Göttingen and GCGD:
"Fiscal capacity and government accountability in Sub-Saharan Africa"

March 27, 14:15-15:15
Maria Gustavson, Dept of Political Science, GU:
"Auditors in the African state - International norms and local adjustments"

May 8, 14:15-15:30
Mats Fridlund, GU-Theory of Science:
"Affording terror: The materialities of terrorism during 19th century globalization"

May 15, 14:15-15:30 LARRI Seminar
Jesper Karlsson, GU-School of Global Studies and Lasse Krantz, GU-Dept. of Economics:
"Land rights in the context of escalating global competition for land"

May 22, 10:15-15:15
"Comparing State Liberalization in the Global South and North: The cases of India and Sweden"

10:15-12:00 "The Liberalization of the Indian State"
Akhil Gupta, Professor of Anthropolgy at UCLA presents his book The State in India after Liberalization: Interdisciplinary perspectives followed by comments on the book by Bengt Larsson, Martin Letell and Håkan Thörn.

13:15-15:00 "The Liberalization of the Swedish Welfare State"
Akhil Gupta comments on the book Transformation of the Swedish Welfare State: From social engineering to governance? by Larsson, B., M. Letell and H. Thörn (eds) followed by a discussion on the possibilities to compare state liberalization in the Global South and North generally, and India and Sweden specifically.

May 30, 15-16:30
Nelly Stromquist, University of Maryland, USA and Kertin Hesselgren Professor 2012 at Lund University:
"Theory and ideology in World Bank gender policies"

June 7, 13:30-15:00
LARRI Seminar
Arild Angelsen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and Center for Inernational Forestry Research (CIFOR):
"Tenure in climate change mitigation strategies: The case of REDD "

September 19, 10-12
Michael Taylor and Luca Miggiano, International Land Coalition, Rome, Italy:
"Securing tenure rights among the rural poor: Priorities for action and research"

September 25-26
International Workshop: "From defeating the enemy to creating 'good order'? Exploring military-police assemblages in Western interventionism"

Keynote speakers:
Jens Bartelson, University of Lund
Mariella Pandolfi, University of Montreal

October 8, 10:15-12:00
Anna Roosvall, Örebro University:
"International Media Coverage of the UN Climate Change Summits - Views on nature, culture and politics"

October 23, 14:15-15:30
Björn Halleröd, GU-Dept of Sociology and Work Science:
"Poor Government and Poor Children: An analysis of government efficiency and severe child deprivation in 70 low- and middle-income countries" 

November 26, 15-17
Film seminar: Screening of "Dear Mandela" (www.dearmandela.com) and discussion: "What kind of interventions do the poor want?"

Participants form South Africa:
Mzwakhe Mdlalose, President of Abahlalis baseMjondolo;
TJ Ngongoma, member of the Executive Committee of Abahlali baseMjondolo.

Abahlali baseMjondolo is a shackdwellers organization in Durban (www.abahlali.org)

November 27, 14:15-15:30
Göran Ahrne and Adrienne Sörbom, Stockholm University:
"The Organization of Global Politics: The case of the labor movement"

December 4, 14:15-15:30
Seminar on "Voting away clientelism? Evidence from Ghana" with Staffan I. Lindberg, Dept of Political Science and QoG, Gothenburg 


January 11, 15-16:30 (W)
SENAY ISIN, GCGD Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Economic and Human Geography & Department of Politcial and Social Science; Zonguldak Karaelmas University, Turkey:
Discussion topic: "Place at the focus of change: Shaken meaning in urban context"

February 1, 15-16:30 (S)
Professor OLA OLSSON, Department of Economics, GU:
"Ethnic cleansing or resource struggle in Darfur? An empirical analysis"  

February 2, 15-16:30 (S)
Professor THOMAS S. POPKEWITZ, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Visiting Professor at Dept. of Education and Special Education:
"Globalization of What: Multimodernities and The Construction of Differences"

February 9, 13-15 (S)
STEPHEN MARR, Universities of Växjö and Malmö and GCGD Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Sociology:
"Buy, buy, buy: Consumption and the making of modern citizens in and around the shopping malls of Gaborone, Botswana"

February 22, 15-16:30 (S)
Prof. STEFAN ELBE, University of Sussex:
"Haggling over viruses: The downside risks of securitizing infectious disease"

March 8, 15-16:30 (W)
SENAY ISIN, GCGD Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Economic and Human Geography & Department of Politcial and Social Science, Zonguldak Karaelmas University, Turkey:
"Could upgrading in local industrial clusters act as a key for local transformation? Evidence from East Marmara Automotive Cluster in Turkey"

March 23, 15-16:30 (W)
STEPHEN MARR, Universities of Växjö and Malmö and GCGD Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Sociology:
"Urban crises, urban futures? Speculations on comparative city-ness in urban Africa and the post-industrial American midwest"

April 13, 16-18 (Roundtable Discussion)
"Revisiting New War Theory and Practice"
For this roundtable, leading specialists on the experiences of war in specific "new war" contexts will offer their perspectives from vantage points emerging out of their studies of war experiences in the DRC, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Vietnam and Korea, and other localities.

Participants: Professor Stephen Chan (SOAS, UK), Dr. Heonik Kwon (LSE, UK), Mats Utas (NAI), Dr. Maria Baaz (NAI and SGS), Professor Christine Sylvester, Moderator (Kerstin Hesselgren Chair SGS 2010-2011)

April 21, 15-17 (S)
GINA VARGAS, Visiting researcher at School of Global Studies and Center for the Peruvian Women "Flora Tristán":
"Constructing new democratic paradigms and new rights for global democracy: The contribution of feminisms"

April 26, 15-16:30 (S)
PETER WATERMAN, Visiting researcher at GCGD and the Department of Sociology:
"How to study transnational labour movements: Another international labour studies is possible"

May 3, 14:15-16 (W)
PELLE AHLERUP, Department of Economics and Post-Doc Researcher at GCGD:
"Are natural disasters good for economic growth?"

May 10, 14:15-16 (S)
FINN STEPPUTAT, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), Copenhagen:
"Dilemmas of knowledge production in the security-development nexus"

September 13, 14:15-15:30
EVELINA DAGNINO, University of Campiinas, S. Paulo, Brazil:
"Civil Society and Social Movements in Democratizing Brazil"

September 28-29
Workshop: "How to study transnational social movements: A networking workshop for social movement research", organized by GCGD in cooperation with Centre for Social Movement Research, University of Gothenburg.

Keynote speakers:
DONATELLA DELLA PORTA, European University Institute:
"How to study transnational social movements: A pluralist methodological perspective"

GEOFFREY PLEYERS, University of Louvain:
"Alter-Globalization and Global Movements: A Tourainian perspective"

October 4, 14:15-15:30
Report from a project with support from a GCGD Small Research Grant:
Patrik Zapata and María J. Zapata Campos:
"Waste in translation: How ideas of management travel from global to local through development aid organisations"

October 18, 14:15-15:30 
Prof. STEFAN JONSSON, Institute for Research on Ethnicity, Migration and Society (REMESO), Linköping University:
"Who speaks for the subaltern? A classical encounter between marxism and postcolonialism"

October 25, 14:15-15:30
Report from a project with support from a GCGD Planning Grant:
Ann Ighe, Gunilla Blomqvist, Anja Franck, Malin Nilsson: "Outsourcing industrial production to the informal sector: Women small scale producers and home-worker through time and space"

November 1, 14:15-15:30
Report from a project with support from a GCGD Small Research Grant:
Anja Franck, Edmé Dominguez:
"The labour standards controversy: Feminist perspectives from the North, South and East"

November 8, 14:15-15:30
Report from a project with support from a GCGD Planning Grant:
Lisa Åkesson, Maria Eriksson Baaz, Marita Eastmond:
"The new developers? The roles of circular migrants in policy and practice"
Report from a project with support from a GCGD Small Research Grant:
Maria Eriksson Baaz, Ola Olsson:
"Soldier salaries and predatory behaviour in DR Congo: A critical assessment"

November 29, 14:15-15:30
Report from a project with support from a GCGD Planning Grant:
Jessica Coria:
"Climate change and malaria control"

And also:

Report from a project with support from a GCGD Small Research Grant:
Jonas Lindberg, Benjamin Knutsson:
"Educational planning and poverty reduction strategies in the context of globalization: Exploring educational planning dilemmas in the South"

December 6, 14:15-15:30
Reports from two projects with support from a GCGD Small Research Grant:
Sofie Hellberg, Stina Hansson:
"Studying the agency of being governed - a workshop at SGS"

and also

Johan Söderberg:
"En global rörelse kring öppen hårdvara: Utvecklingen av en utskrivningsbar 3D-skrivare"

December 20, 14:15-15:30
Report from a project with support from a GCGD Small Research Grant:
Hans Abrahamsson, Ann-Marie Ekengren:
"The effects of the present crises on the Swedish commitment to global governance and increased global inclusion"


January 13 (Open seminar at Museum of World Cultures)
ARNE BIGSTEN, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg:
"U-ländernas politiska manöverutrymme - hur ser det ut?"

January 19, 15-17 (S)
DENNIS TÖLLBORG, GRI and Joakim Berndtsson, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg:
"Privatizing Security, Risk and Violence: The Global Private Security Industry and the Changing Role of the State"

January 26, 15-17 (S)
ALMAS HESHMATI, Department of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea: 
"Measurement of globalization and its relationships with income inequality and poverty"

January 27 (Open seminar at Museum of World Cultures)
CAMILLA ORJUELA, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg:
"Fredsbyggande - vilken roll spelar lokalbefolkningen?"

February 2, 15-17 (S)
- LINNEA BERGHOLM, Aberystwyth University, UK:
 "The African Union - UN relationship and civilian protection in Darfur"

- JOAO REIS NUNES, Aberystwyth University, UK:
 "Power, freedom, and politics of security"

February 9, 15-17 (S)
- JAN BACHMANN, University of Bristol, UK:
"'Doing peace and security' - The adaptability of international counterterrorism policies in Kenya"

- RONALD JENNINGS, Columbia University, Dept of Anthropology, New York:
"Global subjects: On cosmopolitan law, the new global courts, and the globalization of the political"

February 16, 15-17 (S)
- CHERYL CORDEIRO-NILSSON, University of Gothenburg, Department of Linguistics:
"Knowledge transfer and network dynamics in international organizations: The case of Swedish organizations in Singapore"

- SHON FERGUSON, Stockholm University, Department of Economics:
"Institution-driven comparative advantage, complex goods and organizational choice"

February 23, 15-17 (S)
- THUSHYANTHAN BASKARAN, University of Heidelberg, Germany:
"Globalization, redistribution, and the composition of public education expenditures"

- PELLE AHLERUP, University of Gothenburg:
"The roots of ethnic diversity"

February 24 (Open seminar at Museum of World Cultures)
ÅSA LÖFGREN and OLOF DRAKENBERG, Dept of Economics, University of Gothenburg:
"Klimatförändringar - vem betalar?"

March 9, 15-17 (S)
- STEPHEN MARR, University of Växjö:
"'No one can see if your belly is empty': The politics and performance of insurgent consumption in Gaborone, Botswana"

"Meetings: A neglected social form in the study of globalization"

March 10 (Open seminar at Museum of World Cultures)
CLAES ALVSTAM, Dept of Economic Geography, University of Gothenburg:
"Nya produktionsformer - möjlighet för Syd?"

March 24 (Open seminar at Museum of World Cultures)
FREDRIK SÖDERBAUM and MAILIN HASSELSKOG, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg and BO ROTHSTEIN, Quality of Government Institute, University of Gothenburg:
"Bättre samhällsstyrning - universell lösning för u-länder?"

April 15, 15-17 (S)
MARGIT MEYER, Free University, Berlin:
"Urban development and its contestation"

April 27, 13-17 (S)
Mini conference on "AIDS, Civil Society, Aid and Poverty"
organized by School of Global Studies in cooperation with GCGD and DevNet, Uppsala.
Key-note speakers:
Professor TIM ALLEN, London School of Economics, Development Studies Institute
Professor FRANCISCO INACIO BASTOS, Fiocruz-Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro.

May 4, 15-17 (S)
GÖRAN THERBORN, University of Cambridge:
"What drives the world? On global social dynamics"

May 17, 10-12 (S)
JOHN PAGE, The Brookings Institution, Global Economy and Development, Washington, D.C.
"Should Africa Industrialize?"

May 18, 15-16:30 (S)
MARTIN PERSSON, GCGD Postdoc, Dept of Economics: "Land scarcity, biofuels and food prices – linkages and consequences"

June 9, 15-17 (S)
RITA ABRAHAMSEN and MICHAEL C. WILLIAMS, University of Ottowa, Canada:
"Security Beyond the State: Private security in international politics"

September 8, 10-12 (S)
MARYSIA ZELWSKI, University of Aberdeen:
"The Myth of Global Gender Equality"

October 26, 15-16:30 (S)
DAVID GORDON, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol:
"The Measurement of Poverty in Rich and Poor Countries"

November 2, 15-16:30 (W)
CHRISTOPH HAUG, GCGD Postdoc, Department of Sociology:
Discussion topic: "Meeting arenas as a social movement infrastructure: Organization, network, institution"

November 9, 15-16:30 (S)
ANDREAS BERGH, Lund University/Ratio Institute/Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm:
"Globalization, Inequality and Health"

November 16, 15-16:30 (W)
JAN BACHMANN, GCGD Postdoc, School of Global Studies:
Discussion topic: "Development as counterinsurgency: The US Africa Command's 'other than war' activities"

November 23, 15-16:30 (S)
PIETER FOURIE, Dept of Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University, Australia:
"Donor Assistance for AIDS in South Africa: Many actors, multiple agendas"

November 30, 15-16:30 (W)
JOAO NUNES REIS, University of Aberystwyth, UK and GCGD Visiting Research Fellow at School of Global Studies: Discussion of a draft paper: "Exploring the health-security nexus: A critical emancipatory approach"

December 7, 15-16:30 (S)
NEILL Mc CULLOCH, IDS, University of Sussex:
"Is a Tobin tax a good idea?"

December 8, 15-16:30 (S)
ADRIANO MALACHE, Director of Research at the Ministry of Defense, Mozambique:
"Gender in the armed forces: Militarism and peace building"

December 14, 15-16:30 (W)
THUSHYANTHAN BASKARAN, GCGD postdoc, Dept. of Economics:
Discussion topic: "Education in heterogeneous societies: Spending, structure, and outcomes"


September 8, 15-17 (S)
HANS ABRAHAMSSON, School of Global Studies; ARNE BIGSTEN and DICK DUREVALL, Dept of Economics; BO ROTHSTEIN, Dept of Political Science:
"International integration and development in the South"

September 22, 15-17 (S)
CLAES ALVSTAM and INGE IVARSSON, Dept of Human and Economic Geography; BENT PETERSEN, Visiting professor from Copenhagen Business School:
"International Organisation of Production"

October 6, 15-17 (S)
HÅKAN THÖRN, Dept of Sociology; LISA ÅKESSON, Dept of Social Anthropology; MIKELA LUNDAHL, Museion; HANS GLIMELL, Dept of Science and Technology Studies:
"Global Social Relations"

October 20, 15-17 (S)
"Globalization: Peace, Development and Security"

November 16, 15-17 (S)
PER CRAMÉR, Dept of Law; ARNE BIGSTEN, Dept of Economics; SVERKER LINDBLAD, Dept of Pedagogics; FREDRIK SÖDERBAUM, School of Global Studies:
"Global governance"

November 30, 15-17 (S)
SVERKER JAGERS, Political Science; PER KNUTSSON, Dept of Human Ecology; ÅSA LÖFGREN and FREDRIK CARLSSON, Dept of Economics:
"Environmental sustainability and climate change" 


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